Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Blood Sugar Control is in Your Hands

Blood sugar fluctuations can result in a roller coaster ride effect within your body.  The struggle to regulate the moment by moment changes can often seem overwhelming.   Many people "give up" as the attempts, one by one, fail.  The first step to control is to have an informed plan in mind.

I believe an understanding of an individual's lifestyle must be a primary focus early in the research of diabetic control and change.  Considerations in food choices, movement of the body, water intake, supplementation and mindset must be approached to yield better results and encourage a change back to health.

Today's tip to consider concerns a supplement that may help in controlling blood sugar.  Consider taking 1000mg of olive leaf extract daily into your diet. This supplement has been shown to lower blood sugar by 20% within three months.  Research on this herb was conducted in Israel studies and demonstrate remarkable effect on the blood sugar total numbers.  The herb works by blocking the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract.

To be effective, the olive leaf extract must contain a minimum of 18% active ingredient, oleuropein. Always remember to check with your MD before starting any supplement and check and monitor blood sugar levels daily.

Watch this site for more alternative concepts to address this and other disorders.



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