Friday, October 8, 2010

From Cupboard to Cure

The health of America stands at a crossroad of decision. The “modern” path seems to be directing and leading us to crisis. Faster preparation, increased processing and more additives decrease the nutritional value of our daily food resulting in weight gain, declining immune systems and ever-increasing health issues of devastating consequence. These consequences are both physical and financial. We are crippling our lives individually and as a nation with a fork and a spoon.
I believe that nutrition plays the most crucial key in the future of America. We must change how we look at food and what we allow into our food, if we are to survive and thrive.  I believe that change comes on education. My vision is to educate and inform one person at a time to a greater understanding of our nutritional needs. I believe that the continuance of the species in health mandates that better choices must be made in food selection, food quality, portion control and balance. I believe that nutrition education must again return to the classroom in order to underscore the importance of proper nutritional needs.
For me, this is a journey of self-education. Having spent my life without this understanding, I desire that others not pass through the health issues that I have faced. Having survived a stroke and diagnosis of diabetes, I have learned that the human body will seek health when supplied with a balance of nutrients. By personal experience, I know restoration can be achieved; health can be reborn, with a personal commitment toward change. 
Teaching this concept, through classes, through individual counseling and through writing can start the journey toward wellness. Each person requires a unique individual presentation. I believe that with the quality of training and education offered by BlueSky Wellness Center and my 24+ years of classroom experience that programs can be developed to meet these individual needs.   
My vision is for the health of America through example, instruction and resource development. I believe that nutritional training and instruction is the first step in honoring the whole person. It is the building block that supports a firm foundation to face the future.


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