Friday, November 20, 2009

Sublime Sleep

In planning for a super night’s sleep, think about methods that are conducive to slumber. Examine the patterns you have already in place and determine areas for improvement. Some basic rules apply that enhance the journey to productive sleep.

Don't drink alcohol within four hours of bedtime because it will cause shallow sleep. Limit coffee or other caffeine-laden beverages from noon on. Your afternoon jolt may risk your evening rest: The stimulating effects of caffeine last up to 12 hours. Also, beware of pain medications that are caffeine based.

As evening approaches, lower lights (at least by 8PM) to inform your body that night approaches.

Limit exercising in the final three hours prior to your bedtime. Exercise can act as a stimulate to the body and interrupt sleep patterns.
After going to bed, don’t spend time watching the clock. Checking it every few minutes to see how little time you have left to sleep will only make you more anxious and increase alertness. If sleep does not come within a reasonable time frame, get up. Turn to a relaxing activity (reading, listening to music, warm bath) and return to bed later.
If sleep still seems impossible, remain horizonal and relax. Even reclining in a sleeping position can aide the body in it's restoration and repair. Happy dreams!


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