Monday, November 2, 2009

Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise is very useful for minimizing the 'plateau' or ‘brick wall’ effect of dieting, which occurs within a few weeks of starting a diet. This is the result of your body as it 'adjusts' to a lower calorie-intake.
Exercise is also necessary to decrease the effects of middle age spread in men and menopause & osteoporosis in women. Muscles and bones respond to activity, increasing agility and flexibility. This change in the body aids in reducing accidents and increases stability as well as increases calorie burn resulting in weight loss.
If you desire to start exercising, but don't know what to do, here are some simple tips:

  • Talk to your physician and check your fitness level before beginning a new program. A well trained fitness trainer can assist you in understanding your fitness goals.
  • Create an exercise plan to address your fitness goals. Again, check with a fitness trainer to correctly choose the program that targets your specific needs or trouble spots.
  • Try to enlist your spouse, children or friend to become your exercise buddy. You can encourage each other to success.
  • Schedule a regular time for exercise daily. A routine helps to reach success. Weigh at the same time each day to stimulate your determination to reach fitness.

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